In order to get to know a city from the inside, you have to walk it step-by-step, with all your senses at full alert, camera in hand in order to capture moments that may never re-appear in front of you.

One should never stick to the city center and the main tourists’ attractions. You need to be aware and alert. You have to let yourself disappear within the city’s maze of backstreets, wander around its marketplaces, and taste its products.

You have to discover the city’s hot-spots, and really enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. You have to reach out and talk to the locals, especially those who really love the place and care about it a lot.

 You need to become a traveler, not just a tourist…

I’d love to have you as my guest!

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Full-Day Private Tour of Chania…



 What’s SPECIAL about this experience: a thorough acquaintance with Chania for insiders, away from the typical tourists’ facade.

1. Walk-around
With a camera in hand, we will walk through the old town with the Venetian harbour, the Venetian walls, and the constant hustle & bustle. Reaching spots off the beaten track, we will visit Koum-Kapi, Splantzia, Castelli, Topana, the Jewish distist, and also the knife-making craftsmen’s area and the old ABEA soap factory.

2. Cretan food tasting
Along the way, we will have a chance to taste the renowned “Iordanis mpougatsa” (sweet cheese pie, made of mixed local cheeses), eat traditional Cretan food at a selected family-run restaurant with exquisite dishes, and drink our coffee at the lavish municipal garden cafe.

3. Bus tour
On our way to Halepa district, we can take a city bus tour which transcends the main road arteries and makes its way along the periphery of the town, offering an excellent view, from up high, of the whole town

 4. Halepa district & Aghia Magdalini
We will visit the Halepa district, one of the most historic districts of Chania, the capital of the Cretan State (1896 – 1913). In that area one can see the Aghia Magdalini church, of exquisite Russian architecture, and the embassies and consulates of the Great Powers also located in this area. The house where Eleutherios Venizelos lived (the prominent early 20th century greek Prime Minister) is also in Halepa.

5. Tampakaria district
We will also visit the Tampakaria district with the very special buildings and tanneries that date back to the early 19th century (some of them are still active). Leather processing was, initially, done by hand, mostly taking place at the sea front. The whole atmosphere is extremely intriguing.

  • food
  • delicatessen
  • coffee
  • bus tickets

 What you will LEARN:

  1. Outdoor photography, in the old town & the Venetian harbour.

  2. Cretan food and deli tasting

  3. Points of cultural & historic interest: a comprehensive coverage of the town.

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